Frequently asked questions

How to book a car?

Car can be booked by completing the reservation form on our website after which you will be contacted for reservation confirmation. If you like this method does not hesitate to contact our car rental by the telephone numbers  or online as email post.

How can I pay?

Price for the rent is paid when customer takes the vehicle, cash or with credit card (local payment card logo ZBK and international MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, American Express, Diners Club and JCB). The credit card can be pay anywhere with our mobile POS terminal.

It is possible to pay in cash and foreign currency?

Our car rental company accepts cash payment only in our local currency – EUR.

When it comes to payment?

Price for the rent is paid when customer takes the vehicle in cash, or with credit card. There is no need to consist of an advance payment.

How to pay by credit card?

When paying by card you can use our mobile terminal through which you can pay anywhere. It is possible to pay any international credit card. Our car rental company allows payment by credit card not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

What is the total rental price?

All prices can be found in our price list and are always up to date. According to the number of days and the selected vehicle, it is easy and simple to calculate how much the rental will cost, including all additional services.

The delivery charges need to be added separately. As we are able to bring the car anywhere and our only office is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, the pickup and return fee depends on the distance from our office and also on the date and time of the rental. Therefore the system cannot calculate the pick up and return fee automatically and very often it needs to be calculated individually.

When booking a vehicle we will check availability of requested car also send a complete price quotation with all needed useful information via email.

What is included in the rental price?

The rental price includes: vehicle for specified period, assistance services, accident insurance,  regular vehicle maintenance, inspections, oil and other service charges except fuel, highway stamp for the Slovak Republic, winter tires in winter season.

What is a deposit for a vehicle?

A security deposit is a sum of money that a supplier/car rental company holds on to until the customer returns the rental car. The car reantal company could use this money to pay for any unexpected charges such as damages to the car or parking tickets.

What does blocking amount on the card mean?

For each vehicle is required to lodge a refundable deposit which will be refunded upon return of the vehicle back. For convenience, this service is used for temporary blocking of an adequate amount on your card. This means that during the lease period is not possible to use this amount for other payments until unlock, which occurs during the return of the vehicle. Of course you will not block the entire card. This is a standard service, which increases comfort throughout the lease.

Do you rent and accessories such as baby car seat?

If you wish to rent a child seat is needed to mention this requirement in the reservation form. Abrix car rental company provides you child car seat for free.

What time it’s possible to delivery and return a car?

When booking a car you can determine any car delivery and reutrn time. We allways make sure your vehicle as you like. If you don’t have booked vehicle and you need a car immediately, please informed about the availability of the vehicle. During working hours it is possible to use our phone lines, outside working hours, please use mail communications.

When should I book a vehicle?

If you decide to use our services, it is advisable to book a vehicle as soon as possible. In some months there is a requirement for rental cars so high that it is not possible to meet the requirements of clients who need a vehicle at the last minute. Reserve well in advance of the vehicle you will be sure that we can satisfy your request.

How much gasoline is located in the tank when the vehicle is taken?

Our clients takes car with a full tank and the vehicle must also be returned with full tank. All fuel costs are paid by leesse.

What is the technical condition of vehicles?

Our priority is that customers always get a vehicle in excellent condition and thus ensure its regular maintenance at an authorized service center.

Do you use winter tires?

In the winter season we assure you use of quality winter tires, which will ensure a comfortable and safe driving. In any case, we do not use year-round or worn tires.

How do I pick up a car?

The vehicle is available to pick up in our office, or at your designated place under the current price list. Of course it is also possible in the same way return a car.

When you can delivery the car?

Our working hours are flexible to your needs and therefore it is possible to delivery a car whenever is booked in advance.

Do you offer vehicles with automatic transmission?

All vehicles are in the section Vehicles and vehicles with automatic transmissions are mark with AT.

It is also possible to use the vehicle abroad?

With our vehicles can be driven on the territory of European Union countries except Bulgaria and Romania. If you wish to visit other regions, it is necessary to inform our car rental company when booking a car.

It is possible to pick up a car at the airport?

If you decide to delivery a car at the airport, the staff of our company will meet you in arrivals hall with a transparent banner on which is written your name. If your flight is delayed, of course, our staff will be waiting

Are all vehicles insured?

All vehicles rented by our company are fully insured across Europe.

How to proceed in an accident?

In the case of an accident is necessary to call the police and write a record about the accident. It is necessary to immediately contact our car rental company.

It is possible to return a vehicle outside Bratislava?

The vehicle is to possible return anywhere, but if it’s outside of Bratislava is this service charge according to distance from the location of our office. The fee amount will be calculate on request.

What if I get a penalty?

If you are caught by the police for violation of traffic rules you must pay the fine imposed on its own resources.

What if I return the vehicle before?

In this case, lessor is not required to paied back adequate amount.

What are the conditions for car hiring?

When renting a car is required to submit valid

  • ID card or passport
  • Driving license